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This meant a margin was added to every construction project in the country for over a decade between and , artificially driving up prices. At the time, PPC admitted to being part of the cement cartel. It was agreed that the company would be granted corporate leniency if it helped the commission prosecute the remaining members of the cartel. In , AfriSam settled with the commission, paying a fine of almost Rmillion.

In , Lafarge SA also settled after coughing up Rmillion.

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But NPC held out, insisting it was not part of the cartel. The commission referred a case against it for prosecution to the tribunal in February A former managing director of AfriSam, Mike Doyle, who has since died, included this admission in a witness statement. Strauss, who was appointed in , was on the board of directors when Fourie was hired. Fourie witnessed the disintegration of the legal cement cartel that had existed under apartheid, testifying before the tribunal that when he took up the job, the government notice to break up the cartel had been given.

The legal cartel came to an end in September He said the main objective of Blue Circle Cement at that time was to set up sales and logistics teams to enable the company to sell its own cement, something it had not had to do under the legal cement cartel. PPC had the biggest market share. Fourie was appointed managing director of Lafarge Cement SA.

Fourie said that for the shareholders to get the best value for the sale of NPC, they needed it to sell all the cement it produced. Over the two days in which the meeting took place, the new cartel was born. Pienaar and Strauss answered to Doyle, who would later implicate McKinsey. Fourie testified that PPC and Lafarge agreed to withdraw from KwaZulu-Natal and that the others agreed to use their local capacity to divide and share the South African cement market between them. Everyone present understood that. But this version of events is disputed by NPC.

I did not. Following the meeting, the commission alleges representatives of AfriSam, PPC and Lafarge met regularly between to to discuss the implementation of the agreement. On a monthly basis, the audit firm aggregated the sales data across the firms and disseminated the information to the cement producers, who could use the data to measure their own share of the market as a whole, as well as for defined subregions, product and customer categories, and monitor if their rivals were abiding by the arrangements.

NPC was, therefore, party to the anti-competitive arrangement. The information exchange came to an end in Create Account Lost Your Password? Toggle navigation Toggle profile. Create Account. National Workings of post-apartheid cement cartel laid bare Lloyd Gedye 14 Feb AFP Comments. A decade-old case In , the Competition Commission launched its investigation into the cement industry.

But the competition board ruled that the three national cement makers had to sell NPC. Lloyd Gedye is a freelance journalist and one of the founders of The Con. Read more from Lloyd Gedye lloydgedye. National Athandiwe Saba In the Eastern Cape, as a village buries yet another murdered woman, mourners struggle to understand where the freedom has gone.

Analysis Bheki Mngomezulu Buthelezi's succession sparks democracy debate. The IFP's constitution provides that the nomination of national office bearers be approved by the branches. But my favourite place has to be the dunes on the Baltic coast. We do this illegal party in the middle of nowhere every years and you can play only italo disco there for two days non stop. And now its the only place i can make a lot of my old fart friends with babies come to party.

It is classic. What track have you got on repeat at the moment? Vladimir Ivkovic posted it on facebook today. This songs feels very much like my head today. Maybe stared at that wall pretty good too. He should play everywhere. How did you approach making this mix for us? Usually i enjoy making just selections of nice music as i never listen to club mixes myself, but now it felt like its time to remind people that i am somebody who makes living playing clubs, not just playing tunes for sad people.

What can we expect from Manfredas in the rest of ? Making more music for Les Disques De La Mort, a cool release with Multi Culti, remixes for friends, taking over America, starting my own radio station and start skateboarding again.

Investigating the Mexican Drug Cartels with Ioan Grillo

Maybe a members club would go better this time? Label coordinator Alex Horne aka Uraki Riddim and Cain talks us through the Fine Grains story so far, bagpipe championships, psychoacoustics and channelling the rural highland landscapes into club music. Uraki Riddim. Is there a certain rationale for working with the producers that are released on Fine Grains? Especially as I rely on them as a soundboard for ideas with the label too. Quality and the desire to make something that lasts is also important.

Given the vast amounts of new music being freely put about these days, we prefer to take time developing a concept and helping the artists deliver something that is a meaningful step forward for them and the label. For a couple of years, I was running club nights consecutively in Norway and Scotland. Through that I met Offshore, a fellow Aberdonian who i had only previously met in passing at hip hop gigs in my youth.

He was a big influence in terms of seeing someone from Aberdeen making amazing music and graphics on an international level and, most importantly, being an incredibly nice guy. I met Cain through Brian Auntie Flo. I knew most of the guys involved but, only really kept in touch with Bri. Over the years, I visited Glasgow for his Slabs of the Tabernacle night and ended up speaking with Duncan Cain at a few after parties.

Then one year at Sonar, Duncan passed me this CD of tracks. They both have their own voice and i like their craftsmanship approach.

Their is something earnest, narrative yet raw in their music. What would you identify as these scenes? Is there certain work practises or a certain ethos that excites you, or is it purely based on the sound? Of all those scenes, there seems to be an excitement and motivation to do something different, true to the origins, and not painfully following lots of trends.

I think that helps with the longevity of the music and the scene. I like that honesty and rawness in sounds, when you can hear the person who made it or the mood they are communicating through the music. Sometimes that sound maybe deep and dark, the next it could be goofy and slow. Who is that deals with all your design? Aside from the collaboration series and music videos, i generally take care of all graphic output.

I see the visual side of the label being similar to the music, growing with my own work and the people we collaborate with. Are there any specific designers that have served as inspiration? For each release it can vary depending on the influences of the music but, overall i guess growing up with labels like Mo Wax and seeing their work with artists like Futura and Will Bankhead was pretty inspiring.

To be honest though, i quite like just building slowly. Loads more nice little moments than singular big standouts to come i hope.

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Coming back to Scotland to play in Glasgow is going to be pretty cool:. The next collaboration EP is coming soon! Cain Download an exclusive track from Cain via Soundcloud. What scenarios has this led to? Recently I was asked to compose music for live instruments cellos, fiddles, double bass, voices etc… , which was based around Piobaireachd music. I used to play in professional bagpipe competitions until I stopped 3 years ago to focus on writing my own music. What combination of instruments have surprised you? I love psychoacoustics. I am always trying to create melodies out of strange psychoacoustic sound sources washing lines being scraped across bicycle wheels etc….

I think that Arca is another good example. Instead now I try to source psychoacoustic sounds that might have the same dynamics and similar timbres to their orchestral equivalents. Have you come any closer to your intention of including bagpipes in your music? However, now I think that I will probably first start using them by sampling the drone sounds, and then trying to create melodies out of those. What would be an ideal location to listen to your music?

As a child I was able to wander around the hills with my brother and friends, we had complete freedom. I think this really helped develop my imagination, and I always feel very connected to landscapes. At the same time however, when I was a boy I would always dream about visiting countries like India.

Q&A with Justin Roberts – Author of The Policewoman

When we went on holiday it was normally to another part of the Highlands — out to islands like Uist or Barra. Whenever I heard Indian, African or middle-eastern drums which was normally in documentaries or films I absolutely loved the rich timbres from them. I suppose that one of the main things that I try to do with CAIN music is to sort of create melodies out of drums.

I always wanted to write music that would both have enough punch and rhythm to get people dancing in a club, but had as much harmonic changes and melodies as I could get away with — so it would also be good to listen to on headphones. I try to capture the feeling of landscapes that I have in my mind when I write the tunes, and I hope that comes across somehow.

The Urban Politico: Book Reviews: The Cartel

My dream is to be able to put together sets of tunes that would be ideal for people to listen to travelling on their own, but that could also make a sort of cinematic club experience when put together live. Big Screen is a student led group at GSA that celebrates the value of the social experience of cinema; exploring obscure documentaries, ageing epics, cult horror and everything in between.

Big Screen provides a platform for engaging in discussions surrounding the relationship between the cinematic and artist moving image and provides a valuable forum for sharing and discussing student moving image work. Chiara Cabri Fluctuation. Jessyca Hauser Transition. Laurence Chan Degeneration. September 20, pm. Vegan menu all day at the vic today in solidarity with the Global ClimateStrike! September 20, am. Glasgow School of Art Students' Association The Art School will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you and to provide updates and marketing.

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