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The Triathlon Training Book How to be Faster, Smarter, Stronger

Matt Dixon has a way of taking triathlon training science and distilling it down to stories, anecdotes, and case studies that make his content some the most digestible information in triathlon. Regardless, I think the Well Built Triathlete is the first triathlon book every triathlete should buy.

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Matt imparts the message that more is not always better in this book, rather the message is that a balanced approach is better and what a balanced approach looks like. For years this was the preeminent book that triathletes would go to when starting to learn about triathlon training. Joe Friel is one of the most well-respected and knowledgable coaches in triathlon and this book reflects his incredible depth of knowledge about triathlon training, body movements, and sports science.

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The downside that I experienced and I hear from many people is that the book reads like stereo instructions; it explains what to do but not necessarily how to do it. Here are all the essentials you need to improve your sports performance and reach your goals.

The Triathlon Training Book: How to be Faster, Smarter, Stronger

Kick-start your triathlon training with coaching advice on perfecting technique, improving sports nutrition and choosing the best kit and equipment. Improve your racing potential to swim better, cycle more efficiently, and run faster with technical coaching. Build strength, stamina, and flexibility by following step-by-step stretching exercises and strength and conditioning drills. Protect yourself with guidance on how to avoid injury and maintain fitness levels. Follow customisable triathlon training programmes that are tailored to help you succeed in the four major distances - Sprint, Olympic, half Ironman and Ironman.

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Including expert advice on race strategy and tips on keeping motivated and reducing transition time, The Triathlon Training Book will show you how to train safely and effectively to reach your full potential. Founder of Optima Racing Team in London and Olympic and Commonwealth Games Coach, he has been training novice and elite athletes for 17 years, and has coached age-group triathletes to medal at World, European, and Ironman competitions.

His website is www.

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