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The Event and Its Terrors: Ireland, Famine, Modernity by Stuart McLean

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The Event and its terrors :

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Trauma is thus ambivalent on the individual level, as an experience of excess that can only be manifested in the lack of a meaningful structure or form to express this extreme, unbearable moment the self goes through. Because by nature, trauma is registered and not experienced, it resurfaces in many different ways. Something in this encounter bypasses the cognitive mental apparatus and is experienced by the subject as excess. Within two decades, the work initiated with victims of sexual and domestic violence came to take in other traumatic experiences, such as those of the war veterans or those of the victims of political terror.

This is markedly true of Ireland, where centenary commemorations of the Famine, of Easter , of the Great War have led to a renewed interest in events that had become anathema. Central to this theorizing is the Holocaust: the unthinkable inhumanity of the Shoah, its apocalyptic barbarity, constitutes an aporia, and is the crux of trauma theory as elaborated by Cathy Caruth or Dominick LaCapra, while also the premise of further applications of trauma theory.

Auschwitz thus constitutes a moment of rupture, one which challenges our approach to history and the rules of knowledge. Utter objectification is the end of the individual and his or her dehumanization. However this framing, more often than not, is imperfect, and failures or gaps testify to the difficulty for the traumatised subject to recall and create knowledge of the past in the present. What are the different ways to grasp the elusive traumatic event and thus move beyond the irrepresentable?

The symbolic, in this sense, is not a denial of literal or referential but its uncanny intensification […] In short we get a clearer view of the relation of literature to mental functioning in several key areas, including reference, subjectivity, and narration This does not mean that trauma theory offers an infallible, all-encompassing framework for the interpretation of all atrocities whatever their scale, individual or historical.

Namely, one may wonder how writing a life narrative can compensate for that lack and come to terms with the event. Both must make choices as they grapple with the possibilities of making sense of trauma. One of the ways of working through trauma implies narrating it, whatever form this takes. This corresponds to an intermediary stage on the path to recovery, which is usually described clinically as follows: first, the establishment of safety, next remembrance and mourning, which then leads to reconnection with ordinary life.

While the failure to contemplate the past in narrative form results in trauma, with memories remaining outside the subject altogether and enacted as drama, at best — as opposed to synthesised and narrated by a subject who masters them — the narrative appears as one way to recover, and more precisely, to remember and mourn.

It might sometimes achieve the liberating feat of enacting the original traumatic event. In other words, what does it take to interpret violent history? More often than not, it means reading through the cryptographic dimension of stories, as is the case for instance with a secret covered up defensively which requires reading against the grain. Because it works on a specific causal framework for example, child abuse, or the Holocaust, or any relevant historical traumatic events , one may argue that what trauma theory does not take into account should also be considered.

I am speaking here of the trauma induced by patriarchal identity formation rather, say, than the trauma of rape, the violence not of lynching but of everyday racism. These phenomena are indeed traumas in the sense of having decisive and deforming effects on the psyche that give rise to compulsively repeated and highly rigidified social relations.

Individual and social memory are two different approaches: individual memory is often theorized as located within the mind of one person, and social memory as located externally in sites such as archives, objects, narratives, or cultural practices Guy shows how through the years of silent abuse, the voices of some victims managed to find a way, if fragmentarily, into memoirs or novels which indicted the system long before the Ryan Report exposed the scale of the abuse But forgetting is not on the agenda for those victims, nor is it for the Bloody Sunday survivors, as Charlotte Barcat shows.

It is also quite palatable in the physical and psychological traumatic aftermath of Bloody Sunday: the traumatic experience seems to burst at the seams, questioning the conclusions of two successive inquiries and memorizing obsessively the story of the events. The section also allows the writer to focus on the consequences of the crucial moment in the traumatic history of Ireland that is colonisation These novels provide a lens through which the loss of innocence is represented.

They also stress the necessity for a transgressive discourse that suggests how the differing natures and scales of trauma are acknowledged. Omnipresent memories of the dead hover as the characters struggle with the impossibility to mourn, and while the stage makes intimate trauma palatable, it remains unresolved: the modern subject can only die of an excess of self-knowledge and language fails to liberate him.

The volume also offers renewed critical approaches of founding moments in the definition of the nation, all of which confirm the necessity to go beyond the protective attempt at forgetting in order to memorize and possibly heal. Hartman , op.