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Containing five years of extensive research, this untold history surrounding who was responsible for the Titanic 's sinking is a compelling read. The glamour and innovation of the Titanic is enough alone to be alluring, but the unfortunate sinking of the ship has made many intrigued by its history. Many questions have risen in the years since the infamous marine tragedy—questions involving the lack of precautions taken and about those who survived a third of the survivors were crew members.

While many books focus on the lead up to the incident, Wade focuses on the aftermath and underlines the United States Senate investigative hearings on the Titanic sinking.

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Wade is a captivating writer who has produced a fascinating read. On April 15th, , Archibald Gracie clung to an overturned boat in the cold Atlantic—and survived the sinking. The Truth About Titanic is his story. Want more history books? Sign up for the Early Bird Books newsletter and get the best daily ebook deals delivered straight to your inbox.

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We may never know why the men played until the very last, but The Band That Played On is further proof that this final act was one of quiet heroism. Naturally, the grandeur of the Titanic attracted no shortage of wealthy and glamorous characters. Among them were also famous actresses, artists, writers, and royals—all of whom get their due in Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage. The effects of the catastrophe extended beyond a sunken ship and 1, victims.

Those who managed to escape with their lives endured years of trauma but persevered in the shadow of disaster. Underwater archaeologists Chatterton and Kohler wrote about their discovery of a sunken U-boat in their bestseller, Shadow Divers.

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As a longtime writer and BBC correspondent, Young approached his tale with a journalistic eye he includes the daily menus, for instance while his touching survivor interviews ring with the devastating immediacy of the tragedy. Judith B.

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Geller is something of a Titanic expert. She also wrote this book—one of the first to focus on the young and female passengers. Her collection of diary entries, letters, newspaper reports, and photographs gives voice to the struggles women faced on and off the ship. For many, "priority seating" came on the condition of her class. This next book is absolutely remarkable, as readers relive that fatal night through a first hand account. Beesley presents the whole voyage through his perspective, from setting sail in Southampton to the ship's inevitable downfall.

It's gripping and will cling to you after the final page. Butler spends several chapters discussing investigations and inquests that followed the sinking, and how it caused massive reforms on ocean liners. He also debunks the myth that the Titanic was attempting to break speed records; instead, the ship was actually marketed as luxurious ship which meant it would sacrifice speed due to its massive size. He argues that the book's hallmarks are its restraint, brevity and readability, which downplays the extravagant and mythical aspects of the disaster and instead puts in the foreground the stories of the people on the ship.

The narrative builds suspense, making the reader care about the characters and revisit the disaster from their perspective. A key to Lord's method is his technique of adopting an unconventional approach to the chronology of the event, "[taking] an imaginative approach to time and space in which hours and minutes prove extremely malleable, the ship itself seems almost infinitely complex, and the disaster assumes order and unity from far away. Lord's account, and explains its fascination, a pull as powerful in its way as the last downward plunge of the ship itself.

The significance of Lord's book, according to Biel, is that it "gave the disaster its fullest retelling since and made it speak to a modern mass audience and a new set of postwar concerns.

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In the creation of the Titanic myth there were two defining moments: , of course, and Before the Titanic , all was quiet. Afterward, all was tumult. Such ideals were attractive for a post-war society that celebrated the role of the nuclear family and the traditional roles of the male breadwinner and female homemaker. Lord's invocation of an era of confidence and certainty was also a relevant theme at the height of the Cold War.

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The gradual nature of the disaster was also more comforting, in some respects, compared with the nature of modern technological failures such as air crashes. Time ' s reviewer made this point explicitly: "This air age, when death comes too swiftly for heroism or with no survivors to record it, can still turn with wonder to an age before yesterday when a thousand deaths at sea seemed the very worst the world must suffer.

The book has been adapted twice for the screen. George Roy Hill directed and Claude Rains provided a narration [5] — a practice borrowed from radio dramas which provided a template for many television dramas of the time.

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Rains' narration was used "to bridge the almost limitless number of sequences of life aboard the doomed liner", as a reviewer put it, [18] and closed with his declaration that "never again has Man been so confident. An age had come to an end. The second adaptation was the British drama film A Night to Remember starring Kenneth More , which is still widely regarded as "the definitive cinematic telling of the story. MacQuitty had actually seen Titanic being launched on 31 May and still remembered the occasion vividly.

Its conclusion reflects Lord's world-historical theme of a "world changed for ever" with a fictional conversation between two survivors, Lightoller and Colonel Archibald Gracie , sitting on an overturned lifeboat.

Lightoller declares that the disaster is "different Because we were so sure. Because even though it's happened, it's still unbelievable. I don't think I'll ever feel sure again. About anything. After Lord died in , he bequeathed to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England his huge collection of manuscripts, original letters and Titanic memorabilia, which he had gathered during his life and used to write A Night to Remember.

MacQuitty also donated items from his own collection of material related to the film. Items from the collection are on display at the museum and can be accessed by researchers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A Night to Remember Titanic American first edition cover. Anderson, D. Brian The Titanic in Print and on Screen.

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