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Open mindedness also extends, of course, to tolerance of different attitudes and beliefs within your own culture which you may not share but agree to differ. As the world progresses, and people move, the consideration and reflection on the views of others becomes a constant consideration. As well as being risk-takers and purveyors of change, children of the 21st century are, in my opinion, much more open to new experiences.

This is becoming an increasingly natural process as the world shrinks and children are brought up in an environment with peers from all over the planet.

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Young people are growing up with a far greater fluidity in their lives. Children will process and establish their point of view from listening and absorbing the influences of their class mates. The more different backgrounds that they are exposed to the better. Not just in the classroom, or in cloistered travel, but also through exposure and interaction in their community through the kinds of service learning activities that can be experienced right across the IB continuum.

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The IB learner profile attribute of open-mindedness is a worthwhile global model for all education systems, encouraging greater facilitation and understanding between cultures and creeds. Especially, in the current world climate, there is a great need for understanding and tolerance. How open should an open mind be?

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Is open-mindedness virtuous or strategic in the face of injustice and polarization partly characterized by extreme closed-mindedness? What are the challenges of adhering to a pedagogy of open-mindedness in the classroom, particularly when engaging students in conversations about obvious injustice, and how can teachers meet them? The conference will feature three panels, with further invited respondents, addressing the role of open-mindedness in education, including the nature of mind and truth, the importance of open-mindedness for learners, and methods of teaching open-mindedness.

Tempers could flair due to miscommunications.

Expose misunderstandings by using reflective listening. Say a parent expresses concern over an educator who utilizes social networking as a teaching tool. The teacher could respond using reflective listening.

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  5. Familiarizing yourself with communication strategies like questioning and reflective listening will provide greater ability to maintain an open mind and thus allow inclusion to better thrive. Personal experience with his own disability cerebral palsy CP drives freelance scribe and author Zachary Fenell to utilize writing and social media for promoting disability awareness. To learn more about Zachary, visit www. Become a Patron! Get our weekly newsletter highlighting the latest posts, news, and resources delivered right to your inbox.

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    Do you agree? Share your thoughts by commenting below. About The Author. Zachary Fenell Personal experience with his own disability cerebral palsy CP drives freelance scribe and author Zachary Fenell to utilize writing and social media for promoting disability awareness. Related Posts.

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