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No job is too small. From clearances to full garden makeovers, we pride ourselves in leaving your home and garden tidy.

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We remove all rubbish and waste materials to local recycling centres. We are fully insured and take all necessary steps to minimise disruption to you and your family whilst carrying out any work. Please visit our Back to Eden Facebook page or Gallery for recent pictures of jobs completed. Call today for a free no-obligation quotation. Thank you. We hope that we can be of service to you.

Too much water at first caused the bean seeds to rot in the ground. That was an easy fix, however. So, one of the most nerve-wracking aspects of trying this new gardening system has been determining which issues are due to this particular season, and which are due to the woodchips. Where did you find these materials?

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We got our woodchips from a local tree service, although they were not free. But since my husband and I were on the same passionate page concerning this project, we considered it an investment in our marriage. This is a blossom on a sweet potato plant, which, Anne says, means the plant is very happy indeed. I want to thank Anne again for letting me share her experience with you all.

Also, Anne, I want to hear about those sweet potatoes, once you dig them! By the way, after Anne and her family harvested their sweet potatoes, I wrote a follow-up post to this enthralling garden story. Check it out right here! Thank you for posting this. We have started our Back to Eden garden but like you, have had a hard time finding enough wood chips to get the job done.

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We can have a few delivered occasionally but not where we need them in the Country vs the City. Especially the Bermuda grass! Good luck with those weeds! And the large ones do make a good organic mulch in their own right. Melinda, I read that heavy metals were banned in the printing process in the U. Maybe Anne would chime in on this. What an inspiration to see the beautiful vegetables growing beneath the neat covering of mulch.

My husband and I bought a shredder and collected garden refuse, cut branches etc from neighbors. In our last garden built together in Queensland, Australia, we planted trees, palms and ferns in the space where a front lawn would normally spread, with paths throughout between the growth. All mulched under chips gleaned from others.

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How amazing is this. I long for a garden like this. With all the other environmental toxins there are to worry about, anyway—our little farm is surrounded by GMO cornfields and so they are sprayed regularly by fungicides and insecticides, which lands on our place, too, unfortunately; the exhaust from the rototiller; the very rain that falls on our gardens and that we pray for and welcome!

Our world is full of toxins, and I would say that the newspapers contributing to the toxic load are probably the least of our worries. Great information, and our local park service has tons of wood chips we can get our hands on. To bad I am leaving, but I will instruct one of our daughters that loves to garden and will be staying at our Wisconsin home for the next year while we are in Mexico. She is a mulch happy person as well, so her and her husband ready treat the soil to all the good stuff it needs.

Chef, I would imagine that they use chippers down in Mexico, too, Si?? I watched the Garden of Eden movie this morning and loved it. I plan on calling all the tree trimming services I can find in the area and look for a supply of wood chips. Shirley, I love the movie, too. Good luck with your gardening next year—I hope you find those wood chips!

We experimented in our raised beds this year with a similar set up using newspapers, chicken manure and straw. It has been a HUGE success. I planted sweetcorn, beans and squash using the three sisters method and the crops have been fantastic with little weeds.

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Am expanding it to the rest of the garden next year. I think so much of successful gardening in the fall has to do with your preparation in the spring: using the manure and the newspapers and straw really set you up for success! Well done! It does, indeed, look very successful. I especially like the idea of not being in mud after a rain. Am making a mental note of that. Wait … better write it down. If you are concerned about ink, you can do as we did and use cardboard. Refrigerator and other large appliance boxes covered a lot of space with far less trouble with the Oklahoma wind than the newspapers would have been.

Just call ahead to a big-box store and ask them to hold some for you. Great idea, Kristen! And there are people who wonder about the glues in the cardboard. What do you think about that? We just switched our garden plot over to The back to Eden method two months ago. It has been great! Though we planted late, because of pulling the garden together, everything took off and we have quite a lot of veggies.

We have been gardening for 6 years prior to this, and the chips cut down on watering and weeds. We put down 4 layers of newspaper and in of mulch. We are in a community garden and caused a stir, as many think we are nuts, but I think they will soon be won over. We garden year round her in S. California, and usually have to water several times a week in the summer. Instead we are watering about once every two weeks. I just recently watched the film as suggested by my MIL.

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All the rows seemed quite far apart in the film and some of the pics here. Any thoughts on cramming enough in and still keeping plants happy? Good luck with your garden, and let me know how it grows! Since this was experimental, I did not plant as much this year, and left more space between things. So, I most definitely could have planted some things closer together, and will do so next year.

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However, I have been amazed at how the garden has just sort of closed in on itself. If you could see a picture of it now, there is very little room to walk without walking on plants. I, too, send best wishes for you as you experiment and discover what works best for you! Thanks for chiming in, Anne! Regarding newspaper inks, in our eco-friendly college town, all the inks are veg based.

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